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A little bit about us

We began supplying to the pet community as wholesalers in Maiden Newton in 1989. A move to Dorchester town centre three years later triggered a change into selling directly to pet lovers. The new central location enabled people to reach us easily and also increased the speed of our delivery to all points within the county.

We are proud to continue as a family business with a team who care about the animals and support we offer. Our desire to provide top quality products, share our industry knowledge and provide the very best possible service is of paramount importance to us.


the team

Meet the team!



Nick comes from a long line of farmers on both sides of his family. This upbringing instilled a deep rooted love for all kinds of animals as he currently has five pigmy goats, four cats and three chickens!

In his spare time, Nick enjoys competing in triathlons ( that means a ridiculous amount of effort for an activity which is then multiplied three times to the point of collapse! ), with one of his biggest achievements finishing Iron Man Lanzarote.



Emma has been with us for over five years and has a passion for riding her horse, Daisy.

Emma also has two Cocker Spaniels – Taz and Oakley – as well her cat called ‘cat’. We always hear her refer to him as ‘fat cat’ so can only assume that he must be a very happy cat indeed!



Farming runs through Jane’s veins. Working on a farm for years was a mere extension of being raised in that environment. She has been ‘Mother Parkhouse Pets’ for over 23 years and loves every minute of her time working with customers and their pets.

Naturally, she loves all animals but has a special place in her heart for the famous ‘Parkhouse mascot’, a labradoodle called Molly. Jane also has a black cat called Charlie who gets on like a house on fire with Molly Dog.

Jane’s passion for animals and their care is what drives the team at Parkhouse Pets Supplies. What Jane doesn’t know about the pet trade isn’t worth listening to!



A Dorchester man through and through, his life-long affiliation with the town and surrounding countryside is reflected in his love of walking. He’s also a pretty mean darts player (so he says) but this information has not been verified by a third party!

Laurence has been in the pet trade for over thirty-six years. His wealth of experience and knowledge is invaluable not only to our team, but also to the many customers who have grown to trust him over the years.

Adam portrait


Adam has been with us for over eight years and he loves everything about this business. He also enjoys cycling and roller hockey (eh?) which just goes to show that there is nothing ordinary about our Adam! He has a German Shepherd called Marley and a cat called Copi – they get on very well, and thankfully do NOT fight like cat and dog!

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