Allen & Page

As a horse feed company, their guiding principle and the driving force behind all decisions is to help owners feed their horses as naturally as possible and to make really useful horse feeds to help with specific feeding problems. Everything Allen & Page do follows from this principle and they blend state of the art technology and nutrition with traditional values and generations of experience to achieve this aim. Making their horse feeds as natural as possible is always their priority, and theyhave pushed the market forward in using better ingredients and more natural production.

They were the first horse feed company to receive Vegetarian Society approval for their whole range and led the way on only using Non-GM ingredients. As a manufacturer they are also constantly aware of their impact on the environment and our responsibility to produce our feeds in the greenest way possible. Allen & Page are genuinely striving to improve equine nutrition and educate owners. They are not just here to sell feed; it is all about doing the right thing – ethically, nutritionally and environmentally.

For details of the entire Allen & Page product range, visit us in store or call on 01305 260 222

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