Your dog depends on you for food. Their diet is crucial to their health and wellbeing so you want to choose the best.
Butcher’s are passionate about real, wholesome ingredients making Butcher’s a more natural dog food.
What’s in Butcher’s Dog Food?
Butcher’s Pet Care is known for natural nutrition. The ingredients they use in all their dog food comes from plant and animal products which are ethically sourced.
They don’t bulk out their dog food with cereal or soya. They make sure they pack as much meat as possible into the recipes. It also makes the products suitable for dogs with a gluten intolerance.
Their dog foods contain all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to keep them fit, healthy and happy so you don’t need to give them any extra food or snacks.
Tripe – we believe it’s a superfood for dogs. It’s rich in many natural nutrients like Omega 3 and 6, enzymes and probiotics which are essential for your dog’s wellbeing. Tripe also contains naturally occurring gastric juices and amino acids from the animal’s digestive process. Gastric juices are an excellent cleaner for your dog’s teeth. Amino acids are necessary for proper muscular development.
It is also an excellent source of protein, and fibre and delivers just the right calcium to phosphorus ratio which is essential for healthy bone and joint development.
What is Tripe?
Tripe comes from a cow’s stomach. It can be green or almost black depending on what the animal has been fed. If the cow eats barley then the tripe will be black and if the cow is fed grass then it’ll be green.


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