Dr John

The Dr John brand is part of Gilbertson & Page Ltd who have have been making dog food for over 130 years.

Founded in 1873, over the past century Gilbertson & Page have established their reputation for quality and value in complete dog food manufacture. Now a market leader, quality and value remain the foundations on which the company bases all its production and development. Over the years, the Gilbertson & Page product line has expanded to include products for all stages of a dog’s life, and now also includes feeds for cats and ferrets.

In 1884 Gilbertson and Page was awarded the Royal Warrant, and it has been held by the company ever since. In recent years, in recognition of Gilbertson and Page’s high standards of quality, they have received the additional accreditation of the international quality standard.

Dr John is one of their four key brands.


For details of the entire Dr John product range, visit us in store or call on 01305 260 222

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