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Green Dog Food was founded in early 2008, their main objective was to produce the worlds (and currently still is) first complete dog food to have no added synthetic vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of also having a unique herbal formulation that could potentially help dogs  with natural control of intestinal and external hygiene  and on top of all this be rich in whole, naturally occurring nutrients.

Why would this be important? Well, nearly all dry complete foods on the market are processed through extrusion, baking or more recently cold pressed, all of which have their benefits, the fact of the matter is they nearly always add synthetic vitamins and minerals to there foods, or to you and I, man made e-numbers – this includes even top ‘natural and holistic’ dog foods (we will leave it to your own personal opinion of e-numbers).

Their ethic is based on the belief that the optimal diet for the dog should reflect his evolved requirements. Their products are made from naturally derived whole ingredients, including a range of bio-active herbs that are usually absent from other feeding programmes.

Their research into this area enables them to produce unique foods for all dogs . Some of their key areas of nutritional innovation relate to micro-nutrient levels in foods, such as providing viable levels of vitamins without the need for artificial fortification, and a natural control  of intestinal and external hygiene using less chemicals.


For details of the entire Green Dog product range, visit us in store or call on 01305 260 222

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