Hollins have excellent relationships with all their suppliers and pride themselves on having high quality products with great levels of customer care.

With a range of over 100 lines of Natural Treats, along with their Rawhide Range and selection of dog and small animal feeds, they believe they have the people the knowledge and expertise to continue to excel in our market.

At Skipton they hold over 1,000 pallets of ingredients ready for packaging, and 500 pallets of finished product ready for distribution.

They currently run 7 packing lines, which we continue to modernise and improve all the time. Sizes range from as low as 50g up to 5kg, we bag seal, flow wrap, shrink wrap and box products.

In 2004 a major decision was made to purchase a purpose built factory for pet treats as we were growing so quickly in that sector. The factory was in need of some modernising and investment and year on year we have invested in buildings, equipment and people.

They now believe they have one of the best facilities in the country for producing a wide range of bones and treats, and will continue to invest year on year as sales are growing.

They are proud at how efficient they are at sourcing local ingredients and have moved nearly 100% on to British products.


For details of the entire Hollings product range, visit us in store or call on 01305 260 222

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