Straight from the horse’s mouth!

‘…great advice…’ 

I’ve been buying all my pet food from Park House Pets for years and they always give me such fantastic service. They always carry the bags of dog food to the car for me which is fantastic. They are all so knowledgeable about anything I ever ask especially their great advice on dog food.

Mrs Annie Smith

Customer for 5 years, from Dorchester

‘…so friendly..’

Thank you to Nick for all your help with choosing my dog food. I wasn’t sure which would be best for my dog as she has a sensitive stomach and so had trouble with some types of food. Nick was so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and the Hardy’s food is perfect for us. Thank you.

Lucy Barker

Customer for 2 years, from Maiden Newton

‘…delivery to me…’

I wanted to get in touch to say a big thank you to Lawrence for driving out to me for a special delivery to me on a Saturday morning of the horse feed we’d had taken from our farm. You guys didn’t hesitate when we needed the feed as soon as possible. Thanks for everything.

Roger Carter

Customer for 7 years, from Yetminster

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